Full Dip Tyre Pens

full dip tyre pens

Full Dip Tyre Pens

Colour,decorate and transform any tyres.
Because we have 10 amazing colours to choose from, your Tyres will always look good.
Watch our How to apply full dip tire paint video for your car, motorbike or bicycle wheels with simple tips and amazing results every time.
Full Dip tyre pens are specially designed for decorating and marking tyres.
Do it right and success is guaranteed every time.

Designed and manufactured with synthetic resins and pigments of high quality and high strength.
Fast drying to the touch and very high adhesion and elasticity, which guarantees a long life on tires and elastic elements.
Lets you decorate any object painted with Full Dip, and remove it when you want.
Liquid ink of industrial quality and solid colors with great duration in exterior, UV and Ozone.

Because our marker pens come with 17 ml liquid ink capacity with spring opening valve system.
This will allow you to paint precisely with the quantity of product needed at any time.

tyre pentyre pen light blue

tyre pensfull dip tyre pen