Acrylic Paint Product Range

The Permanent paint and Primer Solution 

Multi-purpose decorative and protective acrylic aerosol spray paints ideal for everyday projects. Typical applications include painting of Car wheels, Car parts, furniture, cabinets, doors, frames, vases, baskets ect. High quality, fast-drying formulation. Smooth, durable finish. Interior and exterior use. Resistance to temperature up to 90ºC

The Acrylic range of aerosol paints from Full Dip are brilliant high quality permanent and high coverage also designed for the automotive sector requirement.

Excellent resistance in exterior and interior and colour duration. It can be applied on interior parts, exterior, wheels, rear-view mirrors, vehicles, motorcycles, DIY, furniture, etc. You can apply on many surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.Excellent adhesion on many surfaces. Quick drying to the touch.High elasticity for long periods of time. Resistant to washing with pressure water and car wash. Self-levelling finish, very smooth, uniform and soft. High scratch resistance.

We have 3 Excellent Primers

High Build Primer & Filler 

Metal Primer

Plastic Primer

Compatible with FullDip® LIQUID VINYL
This Acrylic range of paints & primers are a permanent range of paint products that will require sanding to remove paint.
Not to be confused with Full Dip peelable / removable paint.