Full Dip Pigments

Drop In Pigments

Make your own Full Dip 4 Litre sprayable thanks to our Drop In Pigments in 250 ml formats.

Each package contains the pigment 250 ml necessary for colouring Full Dip Clear 4 Litre.
Simply select colour, add the contents to a 4 litre clear Full Dip and you have your colour

All colours made by Full Dip in 4L can be supplied separately in 250ml pigments.

Metallic Maker

Change any full dip matte colour to a metallic colour.
Add 200 ml metallic maker to create the metallic colours you want. Simply add the contents to any 4 litre Full Dip matte colour and you have made your colour metallic .
Example :
Full dip Blue matte 4 litre sprayable + 200 ml metallic maker = Full dip metallic blue
Full dip clear 4 litre sprayable + 200 ml metallic maker + 250 ml blue pigment = Full dip metallic blue

Pearl Pigments ( 70 gram bags )

Simply add the contents of the bag of pigment colour choice to a Full dip clear 4 litre sprayable.
Spray over a full dip base colour of white or black depending on desired effect.