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Full Dip Spray On Vinyl Protection

So What is Full Dip, its a Liquid Vinyl rubber protective paint that can also be peeled off non porous surfaces.
It comes in aerosol cans and 4 litre tins ready for use in spray guns. It started out as a vinyl wrap or car wrap in aerosol cans
and has grown in use for so many other projects adding colour and protection for business and the home.

Full Dip when sprayed can add protection over original paint, add new colour and when dry will leave a smooth finish.
It is like a vinyl car wrap that is easy to apply and when sprayed from aerosols or spray gun, wraps itself around your project.
This can help make it air tight, water resistant and help protect the surface you sprayed from corrosion.

No sanding required

If your project has original paint in good condition and you want to change colour, just clean and dry surface and you are ready to spray a new colour.
Because full dip expands and contracts in all weather conditions it will not crack or flake like standard paint.
Widely used to colour and decorate as a car and bike wrap in easy to use spray on liquid vinyl rubber Paint, it is now being used for so many other uses.
Add colour and protection to Garden ornaments, flower pots, metal gates, cosplay outfits, bicycles, wood, glass, crafts, marine protection and so much more.
See video below thanks.

Aerosols and 4 litre tins ready to spray

With 4 litre tins just select your colour, open lid stir paint and pour in to your spray gun.
You can use a standard compressor spray gun or electric Hvlp spray gun like the DIY FD650.
Aerosols just shake well and use on its own or with spray trigger attachment.

Never Sprayed Before

No problem its easy. Just watch a couple of our videos with tips and instructions in our how to guide on our website.
Now buy a couple of aerosol cans and full dip your car or motorbike wheels and add a stripe or maybe decorate something in the garden.
After doing many projects then consider using our DIY spray gun and transform your old car or motorbike with a new colour for a cool amazing look.
Also remember to buy protective safety equipment start with buying safety glasses, gloves and a spray paint mask.


Full Dip comes in about 80 colours. We have solid colours in matte finish and metallic colours that have a satin finish.
Fluorescent,Pearl,Chrome and Chameleon colours and all colours can all have a gloss top coat applied with our DIY glossifier or
the professional two pack high gloss finish that is fuel and scratch resistant.

Liquid Vinyl Rubber Paint you can Peel Off

Great on metal, glass , plastic and some types of EVA foam. Difficult to remove from porous surfaces like wood and concrete.

You Can Full Dip Almost anything.

What are you waiting for! Colour and protect your world with Fulldip spray.

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