Note: The colours Gold, Chameleon and Aluminium need a black base before applying..Chek out our Twin Pack Deal Below…..

In most cases One Can is enough to do Four Brake Calipers, but spraying technique or larger calipers will require a second can.
This is another good reason to Buy our Twin Pack Deal.

High Temperature Paint

Full Dip offer a great selection of colours in very high temperature paint (700º C )
Colours Red, Black, Blue, Lime Green, Black Metallic, Aluminium Metallic, Gold Pearl and White with more colours in the future.


Very quick Drying.
High resistance to high temperatures ( 700º C ). Self-leveling finish, very smooth.
Excellent adhesion on most surfaces , test on small area first.
Available in 400 ml size aerosol can.
The product crystallizes with heat and gives a High scratch resistance and external strong finish.


Suitable for applications in the automotive sector (exhaust pipes, engine, brake caliper, etc).
In the home sector (stoves, fireplaces, fires, etc).

Instructions for use

Clean surface, make sure no grease, dust or wax ect, and surface is dry .
Rust, remove by brush or sanding. Mix paint thoroughly by shaking can for one minute.

This Range of paint from Full Dip is not peelable
NOTE: On Aluminum it has NO adhesion