Full dip have an amazing range of colour shifting chameleon colours. The First thing you need to know before you buy any chameleon colour is …..
Chameleons will only work properly on a base coat of full dip. You can choose to select full dip black or white as base coat. If you look at our chameleon image gallery , you will see each colour done on black and then on white full dip base coat. The dark chameleon look is on black and light chameleon look is on white full dip.
The end result is a satin finish and if you want to enhance the finish more, just add one or two coats of Glossifier.
So if I was spraying 17 inch wheels I would need 3 x Black or white aerosol cans to apply 3 coats on each wheel and 2 x chameleon aerosol cans for my 2 top coats on each wheel.