Full dip fluorescent colours in Matte Red pink orange blue yellow and monster green.
They always look amazing with that neon fluorescent finish. Try them on motorcycle or car wheels or in the garden on ornaments or flower pots. Car grills, badges or wing mirrors, the list is endless. What ever your project, it will look good.The full Dip Fluorescent Liquid vinyl wrap spray is removable on non porous surface. Glass, plastic and metal ect.

Use Full Dip Matte White

How to show off that neon fluorescent look. Using any of the fluorescent colours always apply a base coat of white matte full dip.
You only need 2 or 3 coats of white and 2 or 3 coats of your fluorescent colour to complete your project. You can add a coat of Glossifier for that glossy finish.
All Fluorescent Colours Fade
After a couple of months outside in the sunlight all fluorescent colours will start to fade.
With Full dip Fluorescents you can fix by cleaning the surface of the fluorescent paint and applying
an extra coat and it will look new again.
This is an easy fix for small projects like car & motorbike wheels. I would not do a whole car in fluorescent for this reason.
Having said that, a lot of people spray racing cars & bikes for track days. It looks cool, easy to add more or remove.