Full Dip Sprayable 4 Litre Tin

Full Dip sprayable, the manufacturer with the largest catalog regarding Liquid Vinyl removable paint.
Over 60 color combinations using matte, chrome, pearl, metallic, candy, chameleon and camouflage.

Ready to Use 4 Litre Tins

Ready to spray out of the tin, Full Dip requires no thinning. Simply mix, pour and spray.
Ready to use in your spray paint gun or by using our Electrical HVLP spray gun for a smooth and perfect finish.

Mix Your Own Colours

Buy Full Dip 4 litre clear ready to spray and add our pigments or tints to make your own amazing colours.
You can use any of our tint’s or pigments in Clear Full Dip Clear Sprayable.
Tints use 1 per 4 litre clear sprayable full dip
Pigments use 1 x 70gr bag per clear 4 litre sprayable full dip tin.