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What is Full Dip Paint

full dip world mix chameleon aerosol spray

Spray on Liquid Vinyl Rubber Protective Removable Paint Full Dip Wrapping, spray on leave on or peel off , you decide. Colour and protect almost anything with paint that expands and contracts with temperature changes so it wont flake or crack but can be peeled off non porous surfaces. It comes in aerosol cans and […]

The Easy way to mask wheels

mask wheels

The Easy way to mask wheels before you Spray Wheels are probably the most sprayed item with Full Dip. I am talking mostly about Car,Jeep,truck and motorbike wheels. So we set out to find the easy way to mask wheels before you spray. We wanted something fast and easy because full dip sprays easy and […]

Full Dip Tyre Pens

full dip tyre pens

Full Dip Tyre Pens Colour,decorate and transform any tyres. Because we have 10 amazing colours to choose from, your Tyres will always look good. Watch our How to apply full dip tire paint video for your car, motorbike or bicycle wheels with simple tips and amazing results every time. Full Dip tyre pens are specially […]