The Easy way to mask wheels

mask wheels

The Easy way to mask wheels before you Spray

Wheels are probably the most sprayed item with Full Dip.
I am talking mostly about Car,Jeep,truck and motorbike wheels.
So we set out to find the easy way to mask wheels before you spray.
We wanted something fast and easy because full dip sprays easy and drys fast between coats so we wanted to be finished in less than two hours for four wheels.

After doing some internet research we came across some images and stories of people masking each wheel with masking tape, just spraying the wheels and cleaning up tyres, using tyre shine and index cards. So this is what we found out.

Masking Tape

Tried and tested and works every time but takes too long.

Spraying the wheel and tyres

This dose not always work, I have seen videos where you can peel the dip off tyres with towel sometimes, but on older tyres it can be very difficult and the clean up is very slow.

Tyre Shine

Brush on tyre shine on tyres and make sure none gets on wheels before you spray. This works well as any spray that lands on the tyre shine will peel off easy but the clean up is a little slow.

Playing or Index Cards

This is so quick and simple to do. Clean up takes about 30 seconds a wheel.
Check out video to see tyre shine and index cards and get some good advice on spraying wheels.

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mask wheelsmask wheels